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Today I launched a new service for getting WordPress blogs built. It’s called Top Design Blogs. Not everyone is familiar with WordPress or is able to create a site focused on promoting a product; not everyone has the time to write content. Some people just want a business in a box that they can run with.

That’s what this service offers.

There Are 3 Types of Blog Available

  • A Base Blog– this is a blog that’s built using a Premium theme and uses Premium plugins to make the blog much more secure from ne’er-do-wells. Other installed plugins improve SEO and site management. All you need to do is add the content. More information here.
  • A Niche Blog – This is a Base blog with 5 articles that are 100% unique, targeted at a particular product or service you want to promote. Tinnitus Control Report and Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally are two examples of such sites. More information here.

  • An Authority Blog – An authority blog is basically a blog with lots of content on a particular topic. That topic could be a niche like using Kettle Bells to keep fit or it could be a broader subject like a travel blog. Authority sites are about the quantity of articles (but they should be good quality content). The authority blogs on offer here come with about 20 completely unique articles. Home Cinema Addict is an example of an Authority blog. More information here.

What Can You Do With Your Blogs?

Well, since you pay for the blogs, you own them, so you can do what you want with them. With a Base Blog, you can add whatever content you want to build out your blog. With Niche Blogs, you only need to promote them so that sales start coming in. With Authority Blogs, you get a good start with your 20 articles so you need to start adding more content regularly.

Naturally, you can monetize your blogs in whatever way you want.

And, if website flipping is your thing, you can always sell the blogs or auction them off on sites like Flippa.

Link Building

Everyone has their own way and strategy for building backlinks to their sites. The blog building service here does not include link building in the package though various recommended link-building resources are provided on the site.

Link building is time consuming and many people now outsource it to someone else. I don’t recommend using Fiverr gigs for link building packages. Why? Simply because you get what you pay for. Can you really expect top-quality link-building strategies from a service that costs just $5? There may well be very competent people on Fiverr offering such a service but finding them will be time consuming. Besides, you’ll probably need to buy some extras to get to any really decent link building plans anyway.

link building today needs diversity, much more than ever before – diversity in anchor text, diversity in where links come from (though from relevant sites is best); diversity in “follow” and “nofollow” links. It’s a lot to take on for just one site, let alone if you have a portfolio of websites.

So check out the link building services on Top Design Blogs.

Domains For Sale

I own a lot of domain names and from time to time I’ll put some of these up for sale on the site. If you’re interested in flipping domains (as opposed to flipping websites), then the best course available is Domain Flipping Made Easy. There’s a review of it here.

Blogs For Sale

Some of the blogs I build for myself I’ll also be putting up for sale. Most times these will go up for auction on Flippa and when they do, I’ll post notices for the auctions over on Top Design Blogs.


If you’ve any questions about the blog building service or anything related to it, you can contact me here or leave a comment over on the Top Design Blogs site.


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