UPDATE: I No No Longer Recommend SiteBildz

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So you Want To Build A WordPress Blog!

If you want to build self-hosted WordPress blogs you basically have three options:

  1. Build the blogs yourself – this means you install WordPress yourself using an app like Fantastico or Softalicious or, if you’re technically proficient, installing WordPress manually yourself. You have to install on your own webhosting account. You then have to decide what plugins to use, what theme to use (commercial or free), set up your sidebar, especially if you’re monetizing the site, get content (write it yourself or oursource it), add the content and then generally maintain the blog to make sure WordPress and the plugins are up to date, and that the blog hasn’t been hacked, defaced or had malware stuck on it.
  2. Commission someone like me to build the blog – this takes the whole blog building process out of your hands. You get a blog that’s ready for content to be added to it. The blog still needs to be installed on your own hosting account and you still need to add content to and maintain the blog, though someone like me could do that for you (for a nominal fee).
  3. Use a site building tool to build your blogs – with this option, you basically use your mouse to select options and the tool creates the blog for you. This is what I’m going to talk about in the rest of this post.

SiteBildz Blogging Tool

SiteBildz is a new blog creation tool created by the people behind SENuke/SENukeX/SENukeCXcr. These tools have been around for several years now, so what that tells you at the outset is that SiteBildz will be around for years as well. There’s no danger that this is a fly-by-night tool that’ll never get updated and be useless in 6 months time. This is a tool that will see upgrades and improvements as time goes by.

With that said, what’s so special about yet another site building tool?

Click the image for a larger view of the SiteBildz Dashboard

Well, because it’s not just a site building tool. It includes all the stuff you traditionally would have to buy separate tools for – niche research, measuring niche competition (so you know if it’s worth your time trying to get a slice of the pie or not). It also has built-in monetization methods such as Amazon, Clickbank and Adsense. And you can create your own ad blocks using whatever ad networks you want.

Using the results of your niche research you can check if any exact match domains exist for the keywords you find and you can buy them directly from within the SiteBildz dashboard.

The service features several themes that you can use in your blogs so you don’t need to look elsewhere (though you can do if you want).

Content is always a bit of a pain, especially if you’re running a lot of blogs. You can order content from various services right inside of SiteBildz (but you do have to pay for it) or you can add your own content.

You can also do on and off-site SEO and post to social media sites about your blogs and posts.

Here’s a video showing you just how quickly you can research and build a blog with SiteBildz:

Perhaps one of the most interesting and potentially money-making aspect of the service is that you can list your blogs for free on the companion (new) SiteBidz auction site. Flippa, last time I checked, had a $19 list fee. So being able to list sites on SiteBidz will save a fair bit of cash if your into site flipping.

And then there’s access to the AppBildz app building service once it’s up and running.

Oh yeah, the blogs you build are hosted on the service’s webservers, so you don’t have to pay separately for web hosting. This means you won’t have issues with your blogs over-using resources as can happen on standard shared webhosting accounts.

So What Is SiteBildz Going To Cost?

There are quite a few membership levels ranging from Free to the Enterprise Business Unlimited package. With a Free account, you get Full access to the SiteBildZ Tutorials and Training Videos so you can give it a good look over before deciding if it’s something you’d like to follow up on.

The “Starter” membership is $47 per month and includes the following:

Ok, as you can see from the above dashboard screenshot, I joined SiteBildz (Starter membership). I haven’t had the opportunity to build any sites yet as I’ve had other things filling my time (like writing this post) but the site flipping aspect of SiteBildz really appeals to me so I’ll probably be building sites mostly for flipping. Anyway, here’s the stonking big ad for SiteBildz!

An Alternative

UPDATE: I don’t use SiteBildz any more. I just found that I couldn’t quite build the kinds of sites I wanted using their system, so I went back to building my own WordPress sites, using the plugins and themes I want when I want.

Site security is a big thing with me – in my early days and inexperiece with WordPress a lot of my sites got hacked – so I now use an arsenal of tools to secure my sites. If you need a secure WordPress blog (and every online business should have a site hardened against hackers for obvious reasons) then this video is for you.

Click here to see what I offer with my secure WordPress blog building service


All the best,

Gary Nugent

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