I was finally ready to populate the Baileys Tackle blog with content only to find that the TubePress plugin no longer works (it did a few days ago). Maybe there’s a conflict between it and some other newly added plugins. This is a blog that just doesn’t want to get built!

Further investigation suggests that it’s the W3 Total Cache plugin that’s at fault. Pages display ok when the plugin is deactivated. When it’s activated, pages sometimes display correctly, sometimes only a blank page shows and sometimes there a 500 Internal Server Error. Had to submit a ticket to get this one looked at.

Heroehost got back to me suggesting that it might be a plugin conflict or a problem with the blog theme. Plugin conflicts can take ages to identify so I opted to change the theme first to see if that fixed the issue. Lo and behold, it did! As to why some theme file(s) got damaged, I’ve no idea. Reuploading the theme fixed the problem in the theme itself.


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