A New Affiliate Experiment

Over the last few days, I bought a couple of new products:

1. Freebie Commissions – this is another Done-For-You Funnels type product.

The product is at the front of its own sales funnel and is the membership site where you can access your funnels.

This front-end product gives you the system but only two pre-made funnels that you can use.

The idea is that you give away products for free as a lead magnet and then earn commissions from any upgrades that your subscribers buy.

You can only have, at most, 5 funnels running.

The upsells allow you to build unlimited numbers of funnels or have pre-made funnels added to your account automatically.

Additional upsells offer ways to get traffic, agency rights and a resell licence.

I ended up getting the additional Done-For-You Funnels and traffic package.

One thing I found is that there’s a downsell for very upsell. These are price reductions on the upsell prices – $20 or $30 off the price.

The downsell products are exactly the same as the upsell products, just cheaper.

So that tells me that the developers are simply trying to squeeze more money from customers than they need to. Not a sales tactic I like.

That said, this thing is selling like hotcakes.

Freebie Commissions Box Cover

Once I evaluated the traffic section, I found that it involved me setting up a Facebook pixel and emailing the code for that to the product developer. He’d then put that on his various sites and I end up with a custom audience being built in my Facebook account from the traffic that visits his sites.

There are several problems with this:

  1. The traffic upsell sales page is misleading. It says that only 12/50 spots remain. This is a false scarcity tactic. With well over 1,000 customers, I don’t believe that just 38 of them bought this upsell.
  2. You need a Facebook account in order to collect and build an audience from the traffic. And not everyone has or wants a Facebook account.
  3. It’s not made clear if everyone who buys this upsell will have their pixels on the developer’s websites at the same time, leading to everyone having the same people in their custom audience. Or if a pixel is randomly selected for inclusion on a web page, which would lead to unique custom audiences.
  4. The sales page also states “100% UNLIMITED Traffic at Zero-Cost”. Again, this is misleading; it suggests you get unlimited traffic that doesn’t cost you anything.  That’s not the case. Yes, you get a custom Facebook audience for free but in order to make use of that audience, you have to pay for ads on Facebook to reach them. So, not exactly zero-cost.

This upsell is initially offered for $97 but I paid $67 for it with the downsell.

I’ll test this out to see what size audience I get over 2-3 weeks.

However, I suspect that I’ll be looking for a refund for this particular upsell.

I might use the funds to then get the Unlimited funnels upgrade instead.

2. ARVO – this is a product that uses and interfaces with YouTube.


The idea behind this product is intriguing. It’s to livestream videos on YouTube.

The funny thing with livestream videos is that they get page #1 ranking in YouTube and frequently in Google itself.

The beauty of using this product is that you don’t have to create any videos yourself. You don’t have to sit in front of a camera and dream up ideas of things to talk about.

You can re-use videos that are already on YouTube which have a Creative Commons License – this means it’s perfectly legal to use them yourself as there are no copyright issues to worry about.

So how do you find these videos?

Type a keyword into the app and it will find the videos for you.

You can then download the videos you’re interested in, or merge 2 or more videos into one and then upload them into your livestream event.

Getting back to the issue of traffic, this seems, at least at the outset, to be a far better way to get targeted, free traffic than the traffic upsell in Freebie Commissions.

Here’s replay of a webinar that shows ARVO in action and gives an inside look:

The Affiliate Marketing Experiment

ARVO is at the core of this experiment.

It can potentially be used to drive traffic to any web page, be that a blog page, a product review, a squeeze or landing page to collect email addresses to build your list or directly to a product offer.

What I plan to do is run a few livestream events using videos found by ARVO and link those to different types of pages so I can test the quality of the traffic.

If it’s good, then buying pre-made funnels like those included in Freebie Commissions is actually a good strategy as it saves time on me manually building funnels myself. I can just concentrate on driving traffic.

If I find the traffic is good, but say the Freebie Commissions funnels don’t convert when funnels from elsewhere do, then I’ll know that the Freebie Commissions funnels are not well optimized and I’d be better off getting done-for-you funnels from someone else.

So the initial experiment will be to send traffic to up to 7 funnels. I won’t be sending traffic directly to offers as I’d much rather build up my email list for the same amount of effort.

These are the funnels I’ll be looking at targeting:

Whether I can target them all in the next week will depend on the time I have available and the amount of research I have to do to find suitable videos to livestream.

I also need to integrate ARVO with Google so that it can post the livestreams and notify Google when they go live.

I’ll let you know the results in future posts.

The First Hiccup So Far

I’d originally planned to use Clickmagick to track clicks in the Freebie Commissions funnels.

Here’s a free guide that explains why link tracking is so important for marketers.

The idea was to track redirections to the affiliate links after someone filled out the optin form and also to track link clicks in the email I send them after signup.

Both the Freebie Commission giveaway products are on WarriorPlus. I found that links created in in ClickMagick wouldn’t correctly redirect to the offer pages on WarriorPlus.

So I couldn’t use ClickMagick during this test.

I don’t know if this is a WarriorPlus-specific issue or it happens with other affiliate networks as well. I need to do some investigation on this but I’ve never had problems with such links before.

The Autoresponder I use is Aweber. It allows you to tag certain actions a subscriber takes, like opening an email or clicking a link in an email.

This way you can see what your subscribers are doing with your emails.

Since I couldn’t use ClickMagick, I set up links with another link tracking tool I use – Affiliate Tripler – which is a WordPress plugin.

During testing, I found that links created with this link tracking tool were not being tagged by Aweber when clicked inside emails.

And when I dropped back to using the free Pretty Link Lite plugin (now known as “Shortlinks by Pretty Links”) to achieve the same aim, those links weren’t being tagged correctly either.

I’ve had to resort to using raw WarriorPlus affiliate links in the emails as these do get tagged correctly.

Maybe WarriorPlus is doing something funky with its links that’s preventing Aweber link tagging from working. I need to contact Aweber and get clarification on this.

All the funnels setup is now done. Tomorrow, I hope to run the first livestream event on YouTube.

If you use Freebie Commissions or ARVO yourself, let me know your own thoughts on them and how useful they really are.

And also let me know if you’ve had trouble with your own autoresponder not tagging WarriorPlus affiliate links.



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