Did you know: Google has just launched a new online marketplace?

It’s called Google Helpouts and Internet Marketing Legend Joel Comm has just released one comprehensive step-by-step video course on how to use this new service to generate leads, make sales, earn affiliate revenue and more.

Joel Comm was one of those Adsense pioneers back when AdSense was this brand new “thing” in 2004 that not many people knew about. Back in its hayday people like him were raking it in with AdSense (I think over $1 Million a year…). Comm is also the author of The Adsense Code which educated webmasters on how to best integrate Adsense into their sites to get the most profit from it. He became a New York Times bestselling author because of that book.

He’s been involved in many projects over the last 10 years, some high-profile, some not.

Google Helpouts has come out recently and, like AdSense, it looks like a great way to make some extra money and get in during the “wild wild west” days before it gets overrun by everyone and their mother.

Very few people even know Google has launched this marketplace (they’ve kept it very under the radar) and the first people to jump on this new opportunity have the chance to do amazing things with it.

Find out what you’re missing in Google Helpouts right now…

As Joel Comm has been using this new tool since they launched it, he has developed an in-depth video course showcasing the best ways to make money with this from an internet marketer’s perspective (tactics you won’t find elsewhere or will take you quite some time fooling around with.)

Don’t become one of the last people to hear about this. Find out more about Helpouts Profits today and learn from Joel how you can start using Google Helpouts to make money today!

Watch The Video On Joel’s Page for More Details

Oh and you don’t need SEO or a website or anything like that. Check out the site for case studies and proof. Dig this course, it’s completely unique.

Nothing rehashed or frankly anything you’ve probably seen before. All completely new training for a totally new Google Tool.

Over 36 videos you can sit back and watch and learn a whole new way to build a business.




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