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Russell Brunson, the guy behind Clickfunnels® and many other products and courses released a new product a few days ago called 10X Secrets.

But despite the explanations and descriptions on the sales page, more than one of my email subscribers have said…

…I’m Still Not Exactly Sure WHAT The 10X Secrets Offer Is!

I admit, I totally see why they asked this!

There is literally SO much packed into this offer, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin (Russell originally started out with 2 bonuses, and then got carried away).

So, for all of you who are wondering the same thing, I’m going to go a bit deeper into everything that’s included.

10X Secrets Masterclass

10X Masterclass

The 10X Secrets Masterclass is made up of 3 CORE video training modules…and 6 hours of training material!

Lots of people have been asking if this is the same material in the Perfect Webinar product that Russell sells, and in his free Expert Secrets book…and the answer is…NO!

This training is SO much more in depth and it includes new strategies that Russell has used that he has not talked about anywhere else.

It’s the difference between learning content in a book, vs. sitting next to the expert and watching him go line by line, through every sentence.

  • Training #1 “Creating Your Irresistible Offer” – Learn how to transform any product idea you have into a no-brainer, higher value OFFER for your audience!
  • Training #2 “The NEW Perfect Webinar” – Get BOTH the training and sales SCRIPT that Russell used to transform from speaking and getting no sales, to speaking and getting $3 Million-dollar table rushes!
  • Training #3 “HOW I Made $3 Million In 90 Minutes” – Russell will walk you through his entire 90-minute presentation, slide-by-slide, minute-by-minute! Discover the hidden selling techniques and psychology behind what he did in key parts of the presentation, and WHY he did it!

So that’s what 10X Secrets is all about.

However, if you pick up the 10X Secrets Masterclass, Russell is also going to give you FIVE insane bonuses

Bonus #1 – The 10X Secrets Swipe Files

10X Secrets Swipe File

These are VERBAL swipes of Russell’s pitches, so you can hear the languaging and patterns behind how he pitches (regardless of the product or market).

This HUGE bonus has 2 parts:

Swipe File #1 – Funnel Hack-A-Thon Pitches

At his Boise event, Russell called entrepreneurs up on stage who wanted help in pitching their offer… so he pitched their entire offer FOR them, beginning-to-end!

  • Get access to FIVE start-to-finish pitches – all in very different markets, (and the training behind each pitched offer)!

Swipe File #2 – Russell’s ENTIRE Webinar Presentation Vault!

Inside your member’s area, you’ll find Russell’s entire webinar presentation archive!

  • Get access to 16+ webinars that ALL use the 10X Secrets skill and script that he’s teaching you! You can follow along with his presentations, and plug in your own info!

Bonus #2 – The 10X Secrets Perfect Webinar “Hack”

10X Secrets Webinar Hack

This bonus shows you how you can customize and modify the Perfect Webinar to sell your products…no matter what kind of business you have!

(This is EYE-OPENING for those of you who might be thinking – “But Russell, I’m not going to do a webinar…”)

Interview #1 – Kaelin Poulin (A.K.A. Ladyboss)

  • Discover how Kaelin adjusts the Perfect Webinar slightly to sell to her active and growing FB audience!

Interview #2 – Jaime Cross (MIG Soaps)

  • Find out how she customized the Perfect Webinar to sell her natural soap and skincare products. (AND, hear her entire modified 5-minute Perfect Webinar Presentation!)

Bonus #3 – The Perfect Webinar Funnel

10X Secrets Perfect Webinar Funnel

Not only will Tussell break down the Perfect Webinar funnel, and show you all the “inner workings” – (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, all the email sequences, etc)…

…but you’ll have access to the Perfect Webinar Share Funnel Link – which speeds the process up immensely!

This is a pre-developed funnel created by his internal Clickfunnels® agency.

All YOU need to do is plug in your own branding and info, and start driving traffic!

Bonus #4 – Story Selling Secrets

10X Secrets Better Story Telling Secrets
This bonus teaches you how to become not just a better storyteller, but a story-seller!

  • Learn how to weave stories into your presentation that captivate your audience, while guiding them across each stepping stone in their buyer’s journey…

Bonus #5 – Event Choreography (A.K.A. The $50,000 Bonus!”)

10X Secrets Event Choreography
This is actually a last-minute addition to the bonus package and Russell almost didn’t include it, because it’s a special training he gave to his Inner Circle members (who pay $50,000 each to be a part of the program)!

But it’s important to understand the behind-the-scenes process that has made some of his highest-earning presentations so successful.

  • Learn the choreography that happens behind his and his team’s biggest presentations (from getting 9,000 bags on seats, to managing table rushes, to pictures, to timing the order forms, and more…)

Each one of these 5 bonuses are EASILY valuable enough to be their own stand-alone product!

But combined together, you have EVERYTHING you need to learn the LOST skill of ‘platform selling’, so you can 10X your sales of any product or service.

So to recap, here’s what you’ll get with 10X Secrets…

10X Secrets Masterclass

  • Training 1 – “Creating An Irresistible Offer”
  • Training 2 – “The NEW Perfect Webinar”
  • Training 3 – “HOW I Made $3 Million In 90 Minutes”

BONUS 1 – 10X Secrets Swipe File
BONUS 2 – The Perfect Webinar “Hack”
BONUS 3 – The Perfect Webinar Funnel
BONUS 4 – Story Selling Secrets
BONUS 5 – Event Choreography

The 10X Secrets offer (and all of the bonusy awesomeness that comes with it) will not be available for long…

So be sure to get your hands on this package NOW while it is still up for grabs…

Not sure the best way to get started? Follow these simple steps to hit the ground running.

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