It’s been about 6 weeks since I last posted about SENukeX. In that time I’ve been away on vacation and engaged in some other projects for myself and clients and haven’t had too much time to devote to SENukeX.

You may remember that I mentioned in my previous SENukeX post, that I thought the software was buggy, had been released too soon and lacked decent documentation.

So what’s changed in the intervening time?

First, several new upgrades have been released. It now stands at V1.0.49 (it was V1.0.28 when I wrote my last post about it).

Second, the only new training I can see that’s been made available is an SENukeX Training Webinar. I haven’t had the time to watch this so can’t comment on its usefulness.

It’s fallen to SgtBadAss (a long-standing user of the earlier SENuke software) to put some documentation and training videos together. He’s not associated with the SENukeX developers so all his material is produced independently. There’s a charge (one-time) to get access to his membership site to access his materials. It’s unfortunate that newbies to SENukeX have to fork out yet more money to use this software but with the ongoing complete (or almost complete) lack of support for producing documentation by the SENukeX team, SgtBadAss’s stuff is what’s allowed me and other newbies to understand the software and get use out of it.

I appreciate that the developers are hard at work bug fixing and enhancing the software but it’s been over 2 months since SENukeX launched and a printed manual is still nowhere to be found. Except on SgtBadAss’s site.

Using SENukeX

I’ve now had a bit of time to use SENukeX. I initially did some test runs using a couple of the backlinking templates that come with the software. But I had terrible problems trying to create email accounts. A reinstall of the software solved some of those issues – I can create emails accounts on Yahoo and Hotmail now, although there’s a warning that Yahoo are deleting accounts so best not to use them.

Getting SENukeX to work with my own email addresses has been a complete bust. Others have no problems. Just seems to be my bad luck.

Since I could get moving with Hotmail accounts, I decided to really test SENukeX with three of my domains that have been languishing in the the search engines and make no money (or very little). These domains are:

1. Cheap Electricity Options: I’ve mentioned this domain several times on this blog. I’ve built 2,000+ backlinks to it using various backlinking strategies but it resolutely sits at PageRank 0 no matter what I’ve tried to date. Alexa reports it getting good traffic but they’re not buyers. Nor do they click the Adsense ads on the site. So this site earns practically nothing.

2. Classic Comic Book: This site’s been around since 2007 and gone through a couple of revisions. I spent the last day upgrading it to Mike Johnson’s AutoBlog Blueprint spec. This WordPress site was in a bit of a sorry state. It didn’t even have a working sitemap and none of the posts had any tags. Nor affiliate links (forgot to add them in somewhere along the way). It too is a PR 0 site. Yesterday, it’s Alexa ranking was somewhere around 7,600,000. Today, it’s risen to 4,799,494. I guess the SEO work I did yesterday when upgrading the blog actually did some good!

3. Facts About Pregnancy: This is one of those niches that seemed a good idea at the time. But, for whatever reason, no matter what way I’ve promoted it, it hasn’t done well in the search engines. Another PR 0 site, it’s the only site I’ve got that has zero backlinks in Yahoo. Alexa ranking a few days ago was 1,142,655. I have done a small promotion of the site through SENukeX (started 5 days ago) and Alexa ranking is now 977,382. It even now has 4 Yahoo backlinks. So maybe SENukeX is working.

You can see the site stats as of May 28, 2011 here (click the image for a larger view):
Website Statistics

The SENukeX Plan

SgtBadAss detailed a plan he calls Shock & Awe for building backlinks to a site over the course of a month. It takes a couple of hours to set up this plan but then it runs on autopilot.

What I’m going to do is run a Shock & Awe tactic on each of the above domains to see how they fare after a month. At that stage I’ll have some idea of whether SENukeX is actually doing anything useful or not.

I’m going to promote the home page for each site along with one or two money pages to see if I can boost them in the rankings.

I’ll post weekly site stats updates (if I remember to) to show how things are going.

Backlinking is a long-term strategy so I expect to have to run backlinking campaigns for 6-9 months before being able to get my money pages on Page 1 of Google (and keep them there) for my selected keywords. Now let’s see what happens…

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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