Russell Brunson (from Clickfunnels) and his team are running a 3-day virtual conference on June 25th-27th about doing business online.

The conference starts at 11AM Eastern Time / 8AM Pacific Time on Thursday, June 25th (2020).

You can register for the online conference here.

This conference…

  • Is for those who feel like their business is a calling… and that they want to change the world…
  • Is for those who know they NEED to grow their company online, impact their customers lives, and provide for their loved ones.
  • Is for the ones who get excited to learn about marketing, personal development and modelling what success looks like.
  • And is for those who want to win a two comma club award… and have two comma’s worth of impact.

What is the 2 Comma Club?

It’s people who have made over $1,000,000 (the 2 commas) from their businesses online or in affiliate commissions.

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