Silent Sales Machine Episode 285

During the virus chaos, there have been an unusual number of sellers who have complained about Amazon’s fair price warnings and gouging issues.

While this is a topic that’s already been discussed recently in other episodes, for this episode, host Jim Cockrum tracked down three of the top experts who can help us dive a bit deeper on the topic.

Each of the guests provide us with similar, but unique perspectives on the issue because each of them provide sellers with assistance if/when they are suspended or threatened with suspension by Amazon.

You’ll learn what products to avoid, when they think the chaos will end, and what your odds are of permanent account loss in this episode.

While it may not sound like an encouraging episode from this description so far, it truly is once you know all the facts.

Knowing the “rules of the game” gives you a big advantage!

You can listen to the raw audio podcast (or download it for offline listening) here if you prefer:

Interview #1 – Lesley Hensell /Riverbend Consulting

Web site:


Phone: 877-289-1017

Email: [email protected]

They have a lot of videos and links to blogs on their Facebook page:

Interview #2: Scott Margolius / eCom Seller Tools


Phone number: 855-778-0077

Email: [email protected]

Get a quick quote:

Interview #3 – Cynthia Stine / eGrowth Partners

Support Line: US: (972)432-6398

Support Email: [email protected]


Here’s the blog that Cynthia talked about fair pricing. “Federal fair pricing for Covid”:

Here’s a bunch of links and data Cynthia would like to pass-on: Florida’s Price Gouging Statute:

Jim’s Amazon Seller Course

If you’d like to create your own business selling products on Amazon, Jim Cockrum has what I believe to be the best course on how to become a successful Amazon Seller.


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