Silent Sales Machine Episode #653

The guest in this episode – Chipo Mukono – is an other great, recent Proven Amazon Course success story.

She’s aiming to hit seven figures in sales this year with branded bundles as taught in the Proven Brand Building module of the course.

She’s also recently joined the Jim Cockrum Coaching team as the latest great addition to their team -they have coaches in about a dozen countries at this point (this guest is based in the UK and selling in the UK).

The Proven Amazon Course concepts work globally!

Chipo started out as a REPLENS seller, and with those basic skills, she’s now launching dozens of great “branded bundles” with a 90% success rate!

You’ll love this story and the examples she gives of her successful concepts.

Note: After the  interview, Chipo sent this note of clarification on her exact numbers:

  • Last year (2022), her average gross margin was 35% with a net of 18% and this is after admin costs.
  • This year (2023), she is doing great numbers on her unique bundles and her gross margin is 58% with a final net margin of 20% which is lower than what she mentioned on the episode.


This Episode In Audio Format:

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Gary Nugent

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