While I already have an online business building websites, doing affiliate marketing and selling my own products, I wanted to move my online business to the next level [my backstory is on my About page]. Now I’m a pretty disorganized individual. When I was growing up, my mom was forever telling me to clean up my room. I did when she told me but without her impetus, the room descended into a disheveled heap again.

That’s kind of how my business became; bits here, bits there; couldn’t lay my hands on something when I needed it; stuff shoved all over the place with the intention of going back to it to give it more attention and never getting back to it because something new got that attention instead.

Some things you just have to take care of, like paying bills. If you don’t, some heavy bruiser comes knocking at your door demanding payment. So you learn to make time for such things. I suppose the danger involved in not being attentive to such matters provides some discipline. Now, if only that discipline could be applied to other aspects of my business, things would run a lot more smoothly.

A New Direction

Alex Jeffreys (left) and Mike Filsaime (right)

That’s where Alex Jeffreys comes in. In a sense, I’ve hired him to become my internet marketing mentor by joining his Marketing With Alex 3.0 course a couple of weeks ago. Alex’s course is no longer available, but if you’re looking for an affiliate marketing course, check out these current recommended courses. You can only go so far under your own steam but if you want to become an expert in a discipline, you need to study under a master. That goes whether you want to be a plumber, a carpenter or a nuclear physicist.

I was tipped off to Alex’s then upcoming course by Todd Gross, Boston weather man and internet marketer. Todd an I are old astronomy buddies from years back. I’d never heard of Alex Jeffreys before but on Todd’s recommendation, I signed up for the course. It actually came at an opportune moment as I had been thinking about how my business was going and whether I needed to regroup and go in a different direction.

The Course

The Marketing With Alex 3.0 course takes the form of weekly 4-hour webinars, about 2 hours for the instructional webinar and the remaining time for an interactive Q&A with students. Thankfully, all the webinars are recorded and available to students a day or so later to review.

The course actually began about 3 weeks ago with an extra-long webinar called “Forward to Basics” that teaches the mindset you need to take on, in order to progress a business. It’s more about how to successfully run a business rather than starting one and ensuring that you run the business and that it doesn’t run your life (taking up every waking moment, etc). There are also some simple techniques to for better self-discipline such as setting daily, weekly and monthly goals, working within set timeframes, and documenting my daily progress so I can see just what I’ve done and when. That way goals and achievements don’t just fade into the fog of time. I can see my progress over the last 3 weeks now, and I now realise I get more done this way.

Succeeding modules have taught the process of running a business and the future direction and ultimate goal of the course. Some practical work is now being required, one of which is to set up a blog.

Building a Blog

I had the option of creating an entirely new blog to document my progress with the course but, since this blog (webbizkb.com) already contains some of my own internet marketing experiences and there aren’t that many posts on the blog and it has already established my presence on the web, I’ve decided to make this my working blog for the course. So I’ll be adding posts (fairly frequently) charting my progress and experiences.

Now, one of the first things Alex wants his students to do is add Google Analytics to their blogs to chart and track visitors. This is against my better judgement (as outlined here) but one thing you have to do to be successful online is to follow your mentor’s instructions and not implement your variation of them (or even skip them). I’ve done this in the past and then wondered why I wasn’t successful at whatever course I was doing at the time. It’s surprising how difficult it is to follow simple instructions when you think you know better. So I’m adding Analytics to the blog and time will tell if I regret the decision or not.

I suspect that Alex’s course is going to raise some difficulties for me as I think I’m going to have to unlearn some ways of doing things, and probably some bad habits too.

The First Challenge

Alex has set up a competition for his students which I’d like to win (as would all his students, no doubt). One of the conditions of entry is to add Google Analytics (which I’ve just done) and the other is to document what methods I’ve used to drive traffic to this blog.

So you can expect to read about those methods in upcoming posts…


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