A few months ago Mike Johnson and the Profit.FM team had an idea on the best way to improve the amount of traffic that we as affiliate marketers get to our offers. Not just products we own, but affiliate offers as well.

FB Review EngineThey looked at Amazon and saw the success they were having and saw that all kinds of businesses were saying they were getting a minimum of 34-35% increases in sales conversions just by doing one small thing…

Adding user generated reviews to their sites.

Simple right?

Well there is still the problem of getting traffic and keeping traffic coming and making sure that traffic is “Buyer” traffic.

In the end, they found the answer and after months of hard knuckled development they have now created what could be the single best plugin you have ever purchased for making more money from what you are doing now.

Mike and his guys took the power of reviews – real social proof – then added in a strong SEO element to it. Not just your normal rich snippets from Google, but real micro data used in Google Custom Search.

a 157% increase in buyer traffic over 4 days from just 3 user-submitted reviews. On another post they had over 18 reviews submitted and they generated over 100 sales in over a week.

To truly appreciate how this is all done and see it in action, you need to watch the detailed Demo Videos. There are two. One is short and the other is a 20-minute monster that shows you how much power this WordPress plugin really has.

Take a look right now and see what I mean


All the best,

Gary Nugent

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