[Update 12 August, 2011: SENukeX have extended their offer to get a Lifetime Licence for the software until 4pm EST today (12 August, 2011). So, if you thought you’d missed your opportunity, there’s still time.]

A few months back I promoted the SENukeX launch to you. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I had a number of problems running SENukeX myself in the early days and maybe my experiences made you think twice about subscribing to it.

They had a lot of problems with the launch as well (too many subscribers for their servers to handle) and the software crashed quite a bit. I maintained that the service was released too early and that it hadn’t been stress tested enough and that, basically, it wasn’t in a fit state for release to the public.

SENukeX relied almost exclusively on Internet Explorer for link submissions and IE was a weak point. Its instability, particularly IE8, was the cause of most SENukeX crashes. IE9 was recommended, but that version of IE is not available to Win XP users like me. So I ended up renting a Windows VPS just to run SENukeX. And, on that platform, it was much more stable than on my PC. There were still the occasional crashes, but SENukeX has an auto-recover feature so that it restarts and picks up here it left off following a crash.

Since the launch, the software has gone through quite a number of revisions as bugs were fixed, new features added and submission sites updated and changed. And then, recently, the SENukeX servers were were hit with a DDoS attack for about 5 days. Naturally, that impacted the service.

The good thing is, this made the SENukeX team adapt and they’ve made critical changes to their current server setup. Behind the scenes they were already making drastic changes and serious upgrades to the capabilities of the SENukeX software.

The 3 most important updates for me are the change of 90% of their submissions to Sockets, which means that only 10% of their Submissions have to go through IE now. This has had a twofold effect – it’s increased the speed of submissions substantially and it’s increased the success rate as well.

My last submission (which normally would have taken 30-45 minutes depending on the server) only took about 5-6 minutes to complete.

The second great improvement is that they are now adding tons of new sites and with the new addition of 6 new Programmers (whose only job is to add new sites to submit to) . So the amount and cross section of backlinks you can build with SENukeX will be 150% better than before.

One of my early gripes was that to use SENukeX effectively, you had to subscribe to a decaptcha service in addition to paying for SENukeX. Now, the third thing which has really impressed me about this latest SENukeX update is the addition of captcha solving. Over 40% of the captchas you used to have to fill in yourself or pay for are now solved 10 times faster and for Free. While it doesn’t remove the need for an external decaptcha service, the costs for that service will now be 40% cheaper thanks to the upgrade.

These are just a small part of the upgrades, and now with all the changes that have been made to get away from the terrible Internet Explorer 9 integration, the server has been running trouble-free without any crashes, and there aren’t any annoying Popups anymore either.

All gone. This thing is definitely the best Backlink Building tool in Marketing, Bar None!

For the Next 24 Hours (and a bit), they are also reopening their Lifetime License option as well, or if you decline the lifetime Option, you can get a Yearly License and I think they all have multi-pay options as well.

I first purchased SENukeX in April 2011 and all they have done is continually build and add to this software. Upgrade after Upgrade. No, I wasn’t happy with the software to begin with (as I’ve outlined om this blog), but the SENukeX team have worked diligently to fix problems and make the software robust. I think they’ve now achieved what SENukeX should have been when it launched.

There is no other software tool in Internet Marketing which has been around as long (the original SENuke was released back in 2008) unless you count in Market Samurai, which is running a close second (but won’t build backlinks and get them indexed for you as well)!

So, at this stage, I would recommend SENukeX to you. Yes, it’s expensive. But how do you value your time? You can build a lot of backlinks manually or using some of the other backlinking tools I’ve mentioned from time to time. But it all takes time. That’s the reason I switched to SENUkeX. I spend 60-90 minutes building a backlinking campaign and then set it in motion with SENukeX and it will build 100s of backlinks for me, all on autopilot, at sites which normally require you to fill in those captcha codes. And do it over a time period I specify – days to weeks to months (if I want). And the time I save on backlink building, I can put into other things, whether that’s building more sites or meeting friends for coffee!


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