I just received an email from Andrew Hansen (a marketer I’ve come to trust) about his new Forever Affiliate internet marketing course. I don’t have the time to paraphrase it, so here it is in its entirety. I haven’t bought his course so can’t comment on its effectiveness but it’s something you might be interested in:

To those of you who have already joined me at Forever Affiliate – welcome! We’re about to do some very profitable things together 🙂

If you haven’t yet, I want to talk to you today a little bit more about what Forever Affiliate really is, and how it’s strategies can grow your online income.

First let’s get straight to the point…

The thing that so many of us would like is to have a little business of little websites that earn a solid income on their own.

A business that would be easy and low effort, that you could run in your spare time, that would keep generating an income while you were sleeping, and give you not only more financial abundance in life, but more time freedom as well… the ability to do more of what we WANT in life.

That’s what my strategies of affiliate marketing have always been about.

But in the last 12 months, some people stopped believing that dream was possible with affiliate marketing.

And that made me VERY upset.

Fortunate as I am in life, I was able to spend 2012 living this affiliate income dream. Just like I have done every year for 7 years now. You’ll read more about my year at this link.

And while I was doing that, I had to listen to one “guru” after another yelling about how it was no longer possible…

That affiliate marketing was “dead”…

That SEO didn’t work anymore…

And a number of other horrible fabrications based on no real experience whatsoever.

It was so highly offensive to me that I rallied against it at every chance. You might have read some of my angry emails about it in the last 12 months.

It’s As Possible As It’s Ever Been

I get to live like this (you’ll see some more of my sites at this link)

People all around me get to live like this (most of my personal friends are “affiliate lifestyle” people too)

I’ve even set my own family members up to live their lives in this way…

You wanna tell ME it’s not possible to make an income with small affiliate sites and passive income?

Forever Affiliate Shuts Them All Up

It’s part of my pride at this course that when you click that link, you’re going to read about not just my results, but the success of a whole host of people just like you, living the dream of a little “side affiliate income” supporting their lives, and their dreams, right now in 2013.

You’re going to learn specifically…

– How they were able to find hidden little niche markets that were overflowing with profit, outside the “view” of most online marketers (brand new techniques that I’ve never taught before)

– How they were able to establish high quality little affiliate sites in these markets, at rapid pace (sites that Google loves and their readers love more)

– How they were able to rank in those markets, despite all of Google’s changes, with a white hat, low risk SEO strategy that provides both quick income AND lasting income (vital)…

– How they were able to scale this strategy to add one $300-$3000/mo income streams to their bottom line, at a time…

– AND how they were able to do all this in a way that means they never have to worry about what’s going to happen in Google next month.

If that’s the kind of online income you’d like to have, you need to…

>>> Click This Link To Check Out Forever Affiliate Immediately

Too many people take too long to start earning an income online because of false promises from fake “gurus” providing incomplete information.

And one of the most enjoyable parts of this business for me, is changing the paradigm on that.

Forever Affiliate covers every step of my process, on a live example site that you can copy and profit.

NOTHING is omitted. Nothing is left out.

There was a great email I got recently, one line of which was surprisingly gratifying to me. A lady told me that…

“your instructions are straight-forward, easy to understand, and all there was left was for me to take action, which I did.”

That lady also told me that one single page on ONE of her affiliate sites makes over $1000/month now.

You can learn the formula that made her that money, at this link.

I’m going to leave it there today – it’s easy for me to get on an excitement rant about this! – but I want to share with you everything I know about living that online income lifestyle.

And I hope I get to work with you in making that a reality in your own life.

I’ll be in touch again tomorrow with more information and more details for you.

– Andrew Hansen


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