UPDATE: Epic Traffic Systems and Autoresponder Code Are No Longer Available

If you want a system for building an email list, then Clickfunnels® is what you need. If you want a course on email marketing, try Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today.

If you’re looking for a course on how to build a profitable blog, then give the Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama and Clickbank Passive Income courses a look.

Affiliate marketing can be a tough business. It’s hard to find quality products to promote. And if you promote a bad product to your list on on your website , especially if you endorse it, it can damage your reputation with your list or readers.

Many affiliates promote products from the Clickbank marketplace. Clickbank certainly has its share of products (over 10,000 of them) and, while some are absolute corkers, there’s no denying that some of them are absolute stinkers. And, to make matters more difficult, a stinker of a product may sell well initially because the marketing behind it has been well thought out. But as time passes, its refund rate increases as buyers send it back. And no affiliate likes seeing refund notices appearing in the inbox!

So how can you find quality products or offers to promote? This post will list three of the best available. Some because they’re tried and tested over time, some because they’re from the biggest names in the internet marketing industry and offer significant commissions.

So let’s get started…

My Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Recommendations

Remember, this isn’t about buying the products below, it’s about joining them as an affiliate so you can promote them to others.

1. Epic Traffic Systems

This system is no longer available.

This is possibly going to be one of the most significant product launches this year. Keith Baxter is releasing this high-ticket item which will teach people how to drive traffic, and lots of it, to their offers, squeeze pages and websites. on June 14th. It’s a 2-tier opportunity with tier-1 commissions being $1000 and tier-2 offering $200 commissions.

There hasn’t been a pure Affiliate opportunity on what is a real quality product like this in a long time.

I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity and signing up as a JV Partner right now.

There are some good free internet marketing strategies on offer in the run-up to the launch – so it’s probably worth signing up to the notification list, just to get them (note: this is not the same as signing up as an affiliate).

2. The Autoresponder Code

This product is no longer available. For current affiliate marketing courses see this page.

This product by Tim Bekker will teach people how to become super affiliates. It teaches a variety of methods for driving traffic and building an online business. Prelaunch began on June 8th and the product will be officially launched on June 15th.

This opportunity is offering 3-tier commissions on both leads and sales (even though this is a Clickbank product).

Go here, then look for the “Affiliates & Partners – Click here” sign-up link on the lower right of the page.

It pays up to $1.75 per lead on the first tier as well. Make sure to read the PDF file you get when you sign up as it shows just how much you can potentially make with this offer. It’s good stuff.

3. SiteSell Affiliate Program

SiteSell is the company that is responsible for the Site Build It! web-based website building. They have a long and proven track record for building sites that are in the Top 3% of sites worldwide. Besides being a site builder, Site Build It! also provides all the tools that a webmaster needs, from brainstorming to an autoresponder. They also promote your site quietly in the background, saving you time in building backlinks yourself.

A Site Build It! package costs $299 per year (that’s $299 per site) so it’s not cheap, but people who take out packages are consistently happy with them. They pay $75 commission for each signup. Site Build It! also runs a service where they will build sites for businesses or those who can’t afford the time to build a site themselves. Depending on the site, commissions here range from $150-$250.

Then there’s the eLearning online university. Signups to this get a $125 commission.

You also get an annual bonus commission on each Site Build It! renewal.

And to cap it all, you earn commissions from 2 tiers of income through sales made by your own team of affiliates. So sign up to the Site Build It! affiliate program now.


So sign up with these opportunities and start telling others about them. Write a blog post, add a page to your website, publish a Squidoo lens, etc. so you get people signing up under you. If you don’t know how to drive traffic, sign up for my Blog Linking Tactics report (you’ll also get 50 videos showing various traffic techniques).

Best of luck!

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