UPDATE: Profit Marketer has now morphed into WP Toolkit.

Introducing the most comprehensive WordPress integrated, passive profit system ever developed! With over 12 months and $250,000 in development and over 7,000 current members, for the next 4 days you have the unique opportunity to get everything you need to succeed in one complete All-Access package at an incredible price!

Welcome to Profit Marketer! Over 90 training videos, over 80 premium WordPress plugins, over 100 premium WordPress themes, and 2 power-packed services that put the icing on the cake!

If you are still wondering what Profit Marketer is:

It is the most complete Integrated WordPress-Based site building and “Make Money Blogging” Training system ever made available online. There is literally nothing else like this available anywhere and that is why it has been selling like crazy (that includes Bring The Fresh which I also recommend though it takes a different approach to blogging).

You may have heard me mention Profit.FM, the Auto Blog Blueprint or Mike Johnson in previous posts. Mike was the creator of the AutoBlog Blueprint which was released in late 2009. That’s when I signed up with him and I’ve been with him ever since, through AutoBlog Blueprint 2.0 and 3.0 and Profit.FM (which AutoBlog Blueprint morphed into along with some services from other marketers).

Profit Marketer has evolved from Profit.FM and takes WordPress blogging into 2013. All Profit.FM members have been grandfathered into Profit Marketer and now, in a 5-day Special Offer, new members can sign up for a knockdown price.

There are over 80 Training Videos on how to build your business online and profit via Authority Blogging using Advanced SEO, Social Media, and more. From Beginner level to Advanced, it has something for everyone.

The Training Courses in Profit Marketer:

You’ll have access to over 80 Premium WordPress Plugins and these are are not crappy plugins either. Plugins include the FB Review Engine, Instant Curator, SEO Booster, Traffic Blaster, Cloak.FM, Tag.FM, Content.FM, FB Member Lock, and much, much more.

There are also over 100 Premium WordPress Themes licensed for members’ use so they can build their sites with the utmost in flexibility using the web’s best Themes.

Members can Create sites that profit fast using Niche.FM – the 24 hour per day, 7 day a week Niche finder which scours the web for profitable Niches for members (this is actually NicheReaper – another product I recommend – rebadged for members). Over 20,000 Niches are found each day and there are over 2 Million Niches in the database.

Then, to put it all together, members have the ultimate WordPress Installation and Management Tool in WP Supervisor. This will install a preconfigured Clone install, member backups, new versions of WordPress, or pre-existing blogs that members already own. It will manage an unlimited number of WordPress Blogs, do automatic Updates on WordPress, its Plugins and Themes. It will do Plugin and Theme Activation and Installation from the WordPress repository, and from the Profit Marketer Plugin and Theme Libraries I described above, with a single click on an unlimited number of blogs. It will do backups, manage users, and more!

There is nothing like this anywhere and ManageWP doesn’t even have these features. This is worth the price of the package by itself and why customers are so keen to join.

There is an upsell to this offer but it’s a good one. You can get the Developer’s License which allows you to build sites for clients and/or sell blogs with the various Profit Marketer themes and plugins on them (with Profit.FM, you had to remove such items before you could sell a site).

So What’s The Cost?

This special offer is for Lifetime Membership with Profit Marketer WP Toolkit: $189 $97

This is not a static system as the training is constantly updated to keep pace with the ever-changing world of internet marketing and blogging. New plugins and themes are added on a regular basis too.

Go check it out now before the offer closes on November 25th.



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