We know you get this stuff all the time, but a new product is just about to be released (12:00PM EST today) which is a lot different than most of the stuff you are seeing out there these days.

This new product has been built as a huge portal for building an internet business. This thing is big, but it is one of the most perfectly setup operations we have ever seen.

Honestly, if you have ever wanted to get on track with setting up your own Internet Marketing Business without a bunch of hype. Without a bunch of Gimmicks.

This is it.

Imagine being able to build an entire business online and not having to continue to buy product after product? Well this product has made sure you don’t have to.

It’s called WP Toolkit (formerly Profit.FM) and it has everything you will need to build your business.

It has a website installer which instantly installs new blogs, totally Optimized for use via their custom Clone setups.

It has a 24/7 Live Niche Research tool which pulls the best and most profitable niches for you from across the web and has a database of over 2 Million and counting with over 30-50,000 new Niches being added each and every day.

It has a huge Premium WordPress Theme Library so you don’t have to buy any Premium WordPress themes. You will be able to have a professional looking site fast without any additional cost to you!

It has 6 Premium WordPress Plugins which allow you to Automate almost everything you would normally need to pay for. Automatic SEO Tagging, Advanced Link Cloaking, Landing Page and Squeeze page creation, article spinning in post content and SEO Content updating, and last but not least; a huge Social Media plugin which does everything to integrate you and your business into Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more!

Are you tired of Products that don’t deliver? Well this one Over Delivers! The craziest thing is the Price. You won’t ever see anything like this priced this low again, we can Guarantee you that!

So who’s responsible for this gem? Mike Johnson of AutoBlog Blueprint fame and Gary Prendergast from BlogPIG and NicheReaper fame teamed up to create WP Toolkit (formerly Profit.FM). Both guys have a long history of creating quality products, ones that we do use ourselves.


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