I’ve talked before about what I believe is the best training program for people who want to become Amazon Sellers, and that’s the Proven Amazon Course (PAC).

Jim Cockrum is the guy behind that program which first came out in 2011.

In the 10 years since, Jim has kept it constantly updated and added 10s of additional training programs to it for free.

Those additional training programs are all sold separately as well and if you were to buy them all individually, it would cost many times the price of a PAC membership.

Jim has also built up a team of coaches over the years.

Some of these started out as his …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 414

This podcast has a great story that’s sure to inspire you!

Jim Cockrum’s guest, Cris Bealm, says, “profitable products are just everywhere” and she’s right.

She’s followed the concepts Jim and his team teach teach in the Proven Amazon Course course and she’s built an incredible business!

In her previous job as a high level corporate manager she worked up to 80 hour weeks away from home, but now she enjoys a flexible schedule at home and has more than replaced her corporate income.

In fact, just a few days prior to recording this episode, this guest hired her husband to join her so they both work from home now …

Two More Great Reasons You Need The Proven Amazon Course Now!

Jim Cockrum and his team love stacking on the benefits for their “PAC” students!

The “PAC” is the Proven Amazon Course – the best course for Amazon sellers because it has hundreds of recent success stories of new and experienced sellers alike.

TWO BRAND NEW HUGE benefits are being added for PAC students right now – giving even more big reasons why you should snag this $29 offer for full, instant access to the PAC now (before the price increase – see below!)…

New Benefit One

Jim and his team have an exciting live virtual conference event coming up Dec 2-3rd, and they want you there at no charge IF you are …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 406

The guests is this episode are heading towards doing $1.4-1.5Million in sales on Amazon in 2021 and are projecting to double that next year.

They credit Jim Cockrum’s coaching team for what they’ve developed as you’ll hear.

They are most excited about the brand-protected bundles they’ve built that are selling very well and are easily sourced.

They started with the simple strategies that Jim and his team teach in their Proven Amazon Course and ran a thriving Retail Arbitrage business in the U.S. while traveling internationally, as their first successful model.

And from there they’ve grown steadily into building branded bundles.

This father & son duo (who requested anonymity except for first …

Proven Conference 2021 Discount

Jim Cockrum and his team hold an annual conference, primarily for Amazon sellers, each year.

They’re the people who developed the ever-popular Proven Amazon Course that teaches people a variety of ways to build a business selling products on Amazon (I talked about what’s in that course in this post).

This year, despite the ongoing pandemic, they had their best Ecommerce and Amazon seller conference ever which took place this past Summer in Tampa, Florida.

Jim is offering a 95% discount for full instant access to the professionally captured videos……

…but the offer ends today (October 9th)!

Apparently this was, by far, their best event ever with so much actionable …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 396 - A Journey From Amazon Basics To $50K/Month Success With Private Labeling

This podcast episode is the story of a journey from “Amazon basic selling” into “Private Label”.

If you didn’t realize it, 95% of the YouTube “gurus” talking about Amazon selling are convincing new sellers to jump straight into building their own private label brand.

This is taught by most experts as, “the ONLY way to go”.

The truth they don’t tell you though, is that an estimated 90% or more of those “Private Label gold rush seekers” never make a dime – they only lose big.

To help avoid the heartbreak and loss, Jim Cockrum and his team go against the grain and teach a methodical approach to Amazon selling success.

Their …

Amazing Selling Machine Flashsale

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you’ll know that the course I recommend for people interested in becoming Amazon Sellers is Jim Cockrum‘s Proven Amazon Course (PAC) .

In addition to the basic PAC course, you get dozens of additional courses that have been released separately over the years and new courses are constantly being added to your membership (you can see some of these courses near the bottom of this blog post).

And all at no additional cost.

That, and the great community are what make it such a great product.

The Amazing Selling Machine is a competing product that also teaches people how to become …

The Proven Conference 2021

Jim Cockrum and his team are busily preparing for their annual Proven Conference event coming up in Tampa that starts MONDAY (July 12th)!

It looks like about 500 are attending live in person!

Are you coming? If not, you can attend virtually!

If you’d like to join the 500 attendees and hundreds more who are coming “virtually”, then this is your chance to be surrounded with positive, successful and hard working business building warriors in this “virtual online event”!

Get discounted pricing on full livestream access here now – The price goes up TOMORROW!

Livestream access is currently $97 but the price will increase to $399 from 11:59PM EDT on Saturday, July

Silent Sales Machine Episode 371

The guest is this podcast edition works two intense full-time jobs and is also building an incredible business using the unique “Amazon Replens” strategies as taught only in the Proven Amazon Course.

She also has three kids! Wow!

She’s selling about $30K per month at a healthy margin while using only ONE TOOL (Keepa!).

That’s right – she’s not using any fancy software because she understands (as you may have heard podcast host Jim Cockrum say many times), there’s NO REASON TO BUY SOFTWARE until you are PUTTING MONEY IN THE BANK!

The only software she uses is KEEPA as Jim and his team taught her to …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 369

If you’re a new Amazon seller, here’s a rule of thumb that will serve you well: Until you are earning a thousand dollars per month of profit, you should NOT invest in software and tools.

You should be getting started by MAKING money instead of SPENDING money.

Did you know that all of the dozens of Amazon seller tools that claim to help you find great products to sell are all using the exact same data purchased from Amazon?

Did you know there’s only one very inexpensive tool that stands far above all the others because it does its own dirty work by scraping data from Amazon?

Better yet, this inexpensive tool …