Silent Sales Machine Episode 343

First – Eric Borgeson is another dad who gets to be home thanks to his ecommerce business!

This episode’s guest has been a member of Jim Cockrum’s Amazon Seller community for some time now.

He was actually a guest of the show back in 2017 which was just after Jim’s house burned down from a lightning strike (a year he’ll never forget!)

Since that time, Eric has steadily grown his business and enjoys a flexible lifestyle working from home with a small team.

He doesn’t have an office or even own any warehouse space.

He “rents” some space from a local warehouse that has excess space.

His net take home (after all employees and other expenses) is about 10% of total sales, and he’s expecting to do about $3 million in sales in 2021.

Today he and Jim talk about wholesale sourcing strategies, Eric’s new interest in the replens model (which is also part of the Proven Amazon Course), the PPP model (PPP is “Proven Product Partnering” – the model where you get paid to help brands get onto amazon) and even some bundling.

This episode in audio format:



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