Proven Q4 Plan 2019

The 4th quarter of the year – October to December – aka Q4 – is MASSIVE for online selling.

Jim Cockrum’s Q4 success groups show you how to maximize this incredibly profitable opportunity.

What you get access to:

  • Weekly training webinars
  • Their proprietary sourcing app
  • Their private Facebook group to ask your questions and get advice
  • An amazing, supportive leadership group
  • Deals that are shared among your dedicated, success group

Take the 60-day challenge:

  • Sign up for for the Proven Q4 Plan below
  • Consume a minimum of 2 hours of the training in the next 60 days and put it into action
  • If you aren’t able to make a nice profit with what you’ve learned, request a refund and you’ll get it along with a $100 credit toward any of their other future courses or offers as well as a copy of any of their best-selling ebooks (your choice)

Click Here To Join the Q4 Success Groups And Start Your Journey To The Best Q4 Ever!


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