I was about to head over to the WarriorForum to check out the new posts when an email dropped into my inbox from EzineArticles about an article I’d submitted to them a few days back. So I opened the email, assuming it would contain an acceptance notice. It didn’t. Hmmm…

The article I had submitted was about the problems I’ve been having with the WordPress “Missed Schedule” posts on some furture-dated blogs and directing people where to find solutions (they’re listed on this blog). So it came as something of a surprise to see this the content of their email:

Hi Gary,

I have reviewed the article and I see that it contains links which are invalid, and bring up error messages.

I suggest editing the article to include active links prior to resubmission. Also, we do not allow content which discusses or promotes the use of article spinning software.

Please ensure that your articles and links are free of this content as well.

Thank you,
[name withheld]

Ok, my site was suffering from server outages last week and the EzineArticles staff probably checked the links when the site was down. But I thought the line referring to the use of article spinning software was odd. There was no mention of article spinning in the article I submitted to them. So I wrote back to them, pointing this out. This was their reply:

Hi Gary,

The blog post “My Article Marketing Strategy” at your linked site http://webbizkb.com has content that promotes article spinning, and submitting spun articles to EzineArticles.

This should be removed prior to the article being resubmitted for review.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
[name withheld]

What?? So EzineArticles was rejecting my article because of an unrelated post I had on my blog? I had to take this further and sent them this email (I was a bit pissed off when I wrote it):

Excuse me? You’re trying to censor what’s on my blog?? While you have every right to determine what content you’re willing to publish on EzineArticles itself, you have no right to dictate what people publish outside of EzineArticles, even if you don’t agree with it. It’s called free speech by the way, in case you’re not familiar with the concept.

If you’d actually read the article properly, you’d realize that I personally rewrite articles because I don’t trust spinning software. I do use spinning syntax with my rewrites so that my articles can be submitted to the likes of Unique Article Wizard. Now if you’re telling me that EzineArticles won’t allow me to rewrite my articles so that they’re unique, once again you’re infringing on my rights.

You should also do some research. Two of the tools I mention in the article submit exclusively to blog networks and Unique Article Wizard does not submit to EzineArticles. I make no mention of spinning articles for submission to EzineArticles.

So get your facts straight…

And their reply:

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your email.

I noticed you write, “If you’d actually read the article properly, you’d realize that I personally rewrite articles because I don’t trust spinning software.” and “I do use spinning syntax with my rewrites so that my articles can be submitted to the likes of Unique Article Wizard.” Please accept my apology, we are not stating that you can’t re-write content. We ask that you do not submit re-written content to us. Re-written or re-worded content is not acceptable, as derivative works are not 100% original and are not exclusive to you. Lastly, we are not attempting to censor your blog. However we are not able to accept content which refers, promotes, or links to information on spinning or spun articles. Ex: your link states “So first, I write an article. Pretty simple. Then I take that article and rewrite each sentence in it two more times. It?s important to note that it?s sentences that get rewritten and not paragraphs as a whole.”

Thank you,
[name withheld]

So they’ve missed the point entirely. If I do intend to submit articles to multiple directories (which isn’t always the case), I always submit a unique article to EzineArticles not a spun article. And I always submit to them first so they get first dibs.

But in their reply they have admitted to censoring my blog because of a particular post on it that is unrelated to the topic of the article I submitted to them. The links in the article I submitted also did not point to the article on this blog about my article marketing strategies, but to the post about my WordPress “Missed Schedule” Woes. So, because my blog has one post that refers to article spinning, the whole blog is blacklisted. If that’s not censorship, I don’t know what is.

I should also point out that that EzineArticles’ Editiorial Guidelines make no mention of the non-acceptability of articles that link to websites that refer to article spinning (let alone linking specifically to a post about article spinning). The closest condition mentioned is 1a: MUST BE AN ORIGINAL ARTICLE THAT YOU WROTE. And, as I’ve said, the article I submitted was an original article that I wrote (not a re-tasked PLR article).

So their position seems to be based on a rule they just pulled out of the air. They have every right to refuse articles that are submitted to them (subject to the rules they publicly specify) and I can understand that they wouldn’t want to accept articles that link directly to what they deem to be unacceptable topics, but to not accept an article because the linked-to site has something on it somewhere that they don’t like is blatantly biased, especially when they don’t even provide guidance on such a matter on their Editorial Guidelines page.

That begs the question: What else are they censoring because of rules they don’t publish?

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