Platinum Membership Site Bundle

Tired of giving your subscribers and leads the same crappy bonuses as every other marketer?

Then it’s time to start offering some quality products that can be used as bonuses or as lead magnets.

Grab this bundle of 10 membership sites to entice people to your offers:

  • Affiliate Profits Club
  • eMarketers Club
  • Membership Marketers Club
  • Power Copy Club
  • Power Marketers Club
  • Product Profits Club
  • Success Upgrade
  • Traffic Generation Club
  • Web Profits Club
  • Wealth Upgrade Club

Each site is packed with exclusive, in demand video training, tested and proven to convert premium upgrades and fully supported and maintained by a dedicated support team – All you have to do is GIVE AWAY free memberships and get paid!

Here’s how you’ll earn money with these membership sites:

You get access to a secure ‘membership command’ hub where in just a few clicks you’ll personalize the membership sites for your members (when they log in, they’ll see your ads, affiliate links and banners, etc.)

You can simply give away free silver passes with your unique access links, or use the passes as incentives to sell more of your existing products, boost your affiliate commissions by using passes as bonuses. When members upgrade to higher membership levels you get paid 100% of the sale!

Access all of the sites yourself, study the training and discover how to boost your traffic, grow your lists, write better converting sales copy, create fast selling digital products and much, much more…

The team behind these membership sites do the marketing for you. They regularly mail out product and service recommendations to everyone throughout their entire site network and, when those emails go out, every member you have recruited will get these highly targeted recommendations with your affiliate links embedded. That means, you’ll continue to earn additional revenue after a member has upgraded or even if they decide to never upgrade.

And with no hard sell, just giving away valuable free passes to start this cascade of cash flowing is EASY!

As you can see from the image above (which shows you everything you get in this bundle), the price for these 10 sites is $399/year.

Right now though, there’s a Lifetime 50% discount on offer so you’ll only every pay $199/year for this bundle.

The coupon code for that discount is on this page (don’t forget to use it! 🙂 ):

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